Step 1: Get Twonet Development Environment

The goal is to make it simple and fast to run experiment on Twonet testbed.

Download Twonet Image

The twonet image file is almost 4GB. It may take some time to download. When downloaded, you need to unzip it and place the unzipped file on the desktop.

Download twonet virtual image

Install VMWare Player

Download and install VMWare Player.

Download VMWare Player

Start Twonet Image

Start Twonet image by running twonet.vmx file until the system boot up. Then log in twonet. The password is twonet. Congratulations, you are now in the Desktop.

Step 2: Compile a sample code running on Opal platform

We provide one sample code for instant twonet testbed experiment. This sample code combines packet sending, receiving and logging together. To compile the code, open the terminal and go to the sample code directory: cd twonet-example . Then get root permission sudo -s . Compile the code make opal . Then it will generate a build directory. Go to the build directory you will fine a main.exe file under the inside opal directory. cd build/opal ; We will upload main.exe file to Twonet testbed web interface.

Step 3: Upload main.exe file to Twonet testbed and run a task

We will describe how to use Twonet web interface here in detail.

Apply for an valid account to log into Twonet web interface.

Apply for a Twonet account

Upload main.exe to Twonet testbed.

After you successfully log into the Twonet,

  1. Click on "Binary Image"
  2. Then "Upload Image"
  3. Type image name "twonet-test01"
  4. Browse the image file "dualband-example/build/opal/main.exe"
  5. Write some description on the image "learn how to upload image"
  6. Click on "Upload file"
  7. Click on "Configuration"
  8. Type configuration name "twonet-config01"
  9. Write some description "learn hwo to configure the image"
  10. Select image "twonet-test01"
  11. Assign motes for the selected image, here we select all 100 Opal nodes
  12. Submit configuration
  13. Click on "Tasks"
  14. Then "New Task"
  15. Type a name fro the task "twonet-task01"
  16. Write some description for the task "learn how to assign time slot for the task"
  17. Select the time slot, minimum is 5 minutes, maximum is 24 hours. Here we select 5 minutes.
  18. Click on "Submit"
Now, the task will run as scheduled.

Download zip file from Twonet testbed

When the task is finished, the result zip file will be generated as a download link, click on the link and save to your computer. There is a sample result zip file on the Desktop, it was generated using the sample code we provided. You will see 100 files when unzipped. Each one stores the serial output information from the Opal platform. You can write your own script to process these files. For example, to compare the network performance under different radios.

Step 4: More Info.

More Info.